Thursday, March 31, 2011

Satanic Rituals and Blood Sacrifice..

 By Russ Dizdar

Satanic rituals may be going on in your back yard... These rituals are old and being done in numbers off the scales. What is the main goal? To summon the dark powers and bring them to this side. How they summon is of massive importance...human sacrifice. Why do they do it? Well these bloody rituals are done for themselves and their use but the greater issue is why the DarkSide is seeking to cross over at all...

The dark powers have, are and will come to our side in off the scale numbers. They really do effect lives, families, cities and nations. They are and will be sought for their personal, military and destructive capacities. Why so many rituals? Will they help open the doors for the coming dark chaos and anarchy? Will politicians be influenced and even seek their dark promises? and why is there so much denial/refusal to know about this underground lethal river?
What about satanic ritual warfare/demons being sent against the church. Is the Church Alert? Aware? Armed? and can it move into powerful Action..

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