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Calvary Chapel - Knights of Malta - Vatican connection

A Challenge For Calvary Chapel Pastors to Take a Stand Against Apostasy

Commentary by Roger Oakland

The Bible teaches that a one-world religion will be a characteristic of the Last Days. While Jesus Christ is preparing His bride, Satan, God’s adversary, is preparing the crowning of the harlot.

This counterfeit harlot “bride” is being set up to prepare the way for the counterfeit “Christ.” This anti-Christ church will come in the name of the Church of Jesus Christ. This is the scenario that the Bible defines.

We are seeing this happening right before our eyes, yet so few see it. Is this largely due to Christian leaders who are blinded by their pride (Obadiah 1:3); and, hiding behind their accomplishments, they are driven by this pride, refusing to listen to those who are trying to warn them? Do these shepherds really know they are pulling the wool over the eyes of the very sheep they are supposed to be protecting?

This short commentary is another effort to warn those whom we know and love who are being seduced by Satan’s plan. Satan is a world schemer, and he has done this through the ages. There are many ways and means that Satan uses to seduce those who have believed and those who have never believed.

When Does a Shepherd Warn?

A true shepherd always warns his flock when danger is near. Imagine what happens when the shepherd falls asleep. Like a shepherd, pastors are to warn their sheep. Not only do they feed them, but they never let wolves come into their midst. Wolves can look harmless if they are wearing sheep’s clothing. The Bible warns that this is one of the ways that Satan works. Let us not forget that he comes as an “angel of light,” and his ministers come as “ministers of righteousness” as mentioned in 2 Corinthians 11.

Just like shepherds need to be alert to protect their flocks of sheep, so too pastors need to protect their “flocks” of believers. However, this doesn’t always happen - especially when many pastors look to a single pastor who, in essence, has replaced Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ should be our “good shepherd.” When we put a man between Jesus and ourselves we are only asking for trouble.

If there was ever a time for Christian pastors to be discerning about the invasion of false doctrine, it’s now. In previous commentaries, we have been warning about this very problem. Apostasy doesn’t happen overnight. It sneaks up, one compromising step after the next, and it is a symptom that something has gone very wrong. When many pastors are caught up in following one man and the decisions he makes, this can be the recipe for disaster and the beginning of a cult. Humans are humans, and God is God. Once more, check out history, men are fallible and can easily be misled. Pride is a snare that any one of us can fall prey to, and it is a dangerous trap that we should resist and flee from.

Elders are to be part of local church government, keeping pastors true to the Word of God. When elders are forced to be puppets, they are nothing more than objects of manipulation. God’s design for true biblical leadership is abandoned for the “Moses model.” Remember, Moses disobeyed God, and as a result, he never made it into the Promised Land.

How Is Calvary Chapel Being Led Down the Road to Rome?

The evidence is growing that Calvary Chapel discernment is fading away. Some wonder if this has something to do with the lack of discernment in the formative years of Calvary Chapel. If an organization starts out with no discernment and doesn’t correct that, doesn’t it make sense that it will not have discernment in the future? As we pointed out in an earlier commentary bad roots produce unhealthy fruit.

While many sheep are still blindly following what they believe is biblical Christianity, the influence of Rome on Calvary Chapel is becoming clearer every day to those who have “eyes to see.” Those who do see what is happening are disheartened to watch the warning signs appear almost daily, and yet still there is silence from those who could speak up and make a difference. If you count up all the senior Calvary Chapel pastors, all the associate and assistant Calvary Chapel pastors, and all the Calvary Chapel youth pastors throughout the world, you are probably looking at nearly four thousand men. Yet, to our knowledge, not one Calvary Chapel pastor is publicly challenging the organization to whom they have placed their trust, their affiliation, and their commitment. We are not talking about private conversations going on behind the scenes – we are talking about public denouncement of deliberate apostasy. The silence of these nearly four thousand men is deafening, and the results of this silence is that many sheep are confused and being led astray with a false sense of security that everything is ok because their pastors say nothing.

Yesterday, in a discussion with a retired Calvary Chapel pastor, I was told that Understand The Times is confusing the sheep by presenting the evidence that apostasy is happening around them. Does this mean that we should ignore the facts and cover up apostasy by becoming silent as the others are doing?

When God showed Nathan sin, he went to David and told him. I am sure it was not easy for Nathan. Has biblical truth changed? Are we to cover our eyes and walk away and say, “all is well”? If that is the case, then we invite skeptics to show us the chapter and verse.

The following link documents just some of the overwhelming evidence that Calvary Chapel is becoming ecumenical and on the road to Rome:

Please pray for the Calvary Chapel movement that the leaders would be like David and“see,” repent, and speak up before it’s too late.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Commentary by Roger Oakland: Another spirit or the Holy Spirit?

The Bible teaches there is another spirit, another gospel and another Jesus? If God is God, why would such deception exist? The answer is very simple. Satan, the father of lies, is the great deceiver who wants to be God. His plan is to deceive the world in the name of the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Therefore, if the Spirit of God leads the lost to the Son of God, could it be that that “another spirit” is how the devil leads the whole world to the antichrist? These are questions that every Christian should think about, especially in the Last Days when deception is on the increase.

For some time now, I have been thinking about these things. How does Satan deceive, and should a Christian be aware of how Satan works? The Bible is full of references that warn believers to wake up and to expose darkness.

Further, the concept of checking out the roots of a tree has been constantly on my mind. What does it means to check out the roots of a tree with reference to Christianity? Some time ago, a friend of mine gave me an illustration he believed had an important spiritual implication. The illustration was that of a simple drawing of a tree that was filled with ravens sitting on the branches. While some branches represented biblical truths, other branches represented teachings that had infiltrated the body of Christ and were clearly devious plans of Satan.

As for the roots of the tree, some of the roots were embedded in healthy soil and thus provided essential nutrients to the tree, while other roots were embedded in soil that was polluted with poison, and of course, did much harm to the tree. Further, the illustration showed that this tree was a hiding place for the ravens.
I will never forget this illustration as this is what is happening to fellowships and entire denominations within the Christian church today. Bad roots eventually produce bad fruit. While this should be obvious to those who say they believe the Bible, that’s not always the case. The human beings, who make up the tree, cannot see because they are part of the tree, and they have become blinded. It would be easy to recover from this blindness if they would only turn to the Word of God to gain understanding and discernment.

Christianity is full of examples of tree-like denominations full of ravens because Satan is the master deceiver, and he knows that men follow men instead of Jesus. While the Roman Catholic Church claims to be the Mother of All Churches we know this is not true. Jesus said His church would be built upon the true cornerstone. And He is that cornerstone. [4]. When we follow men instead of Jesus Christ, we have the ingredients for a spiritual disaster. Such is the case that we will try to analyze in the rest of this commentary.

A Counterfeit spirit is not the Holy Spirit?

Wouldn’t it make sense that if the Holy Spirit points the lost to the truth, then a counterfeit spirit called “another spirit” points those who are lost toward deception? This is the devil’s plan as recorded in the Bible. In our research, we have discovered this is one of Satan’s favorite strategies. How many have believed they have been led by the Spirit of God when later it becomes obvious that they had been seduced by a spirit of deception? This is why it is so important to have discernment, which only comes from knowing God’s Word and allowing His Spirit to lead us.

For example, I have known people who believed they were being blessed by the Spirit of God because they laughed hysterically, barked like a dog, slithered on the floor like a snake, or even clucked like a chicken. At first, they said they were not sure if it was God that was causing them to behave that way. Their line of thought went like this: if it was God, they did not want to miss out on what God was doing; thus they were willing to take the risk.

As you can see this line of reasoning is not reasonable. What if it was not God that was causing them to behave in these unusual ways? Would that mean they had been deceived by Satan? This is a serious situation
History shows the danger there is in following a man or woman who claims to be a Christian because he or she has an ability of making people “feel” like they are being influenced by the Holy Spirit.

On a number of occasions, I have heard testimonies from people who were first-hand witnesses of the “Jesus Movement.” They give testimony that one of the leaders had the ability to make them feel like the “spirit” was “flowing all over them.” The person who is speaking in the following clip states there would never have been a Calvary Chapel movement or a Vineyard Movement without Lonnie Frisbee who acted very strangely:

Here is another example of a testimony from a person who claims that Lonnie Frisbee had an “anointing” called a mantle. Today, there are those who believe there is about to be another Jesus movement and that this so-called anointing that Frisbee had is about to be released.

Now, here are the facts. Feelings can be very deceptive. Feelings or emotions should never be relied upon for determining truth and the presence of the Holy Spirit. Believing that one can receive a transferable anointing from a man or an object is nothing more than witchcraft. Following a man under the influence of drugs is not following Jesus and His Word.

Many who were under such an influence felt all kinds of things. They even saw things that were in their minds as the result of LSD. How much confidence would you put in a person who said he was a convert of Jesus Christ who was stoned Saturday night and then preached Sunday morning? Is it possible that “another Jesus” was often represented during this former Jesus movement?

Can Bad Roots Produce Bad Fruit?

While God saves sinners from all sin, does this mean that sin can be covered up by ignoring that sin never happened? Further, there is another piece of evidence that needs to be considered. It is possible to start out right and to end up wrong, isn’t it? What if a group becomes so proud of themselves they refuse to be corrected. Remember, pride comes before a fall.

Now that we are living in a time of great deception predicted by the Bible as the Last Days, is it possible that the ravens are coming home to roost in the dead branches of the trees? Could those branches have died because the roots absorbed poison by certain false doctrines that crept in unawares? Would the dead branches be the perfect nesting place for the enemies of God who are out to destroy all those who truly follow Jesus Christ?
Some time ago, after doing some research and gathering of the facts, I became suspicious because of some of the testimonies that I heard about the roots of the Jesus Movement. Here is one example that you can listen to and watch and see for yourself:

Furthermore, let us consider the connection of Kathryn Kuhlman with the Jesus Movement. She was a promoter of the Protestant Charismatic movement and in ecumenical unity with Rome. Does that sound an alarm? How can someone who has partnered with Rome be part of a true Jesus Movement?

Anyone who has done their research knows that the Jesuit plan is to bring the separated brethren back to the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Catholic Jesus is the Eucharistic Jesus and must be worshiped in a container called a monstrance. (See Another Jesus? The Eucharistic Christ and the New Evangelization by Oakland with Tetlow).

A number of things do not line up. Would those who have discernment please stand up? Please watch the following video clip of Lonnie Frisbee and Kathyrn Kuhlman:

While I am not saying that no one was saved during that time, I am saying that godly discernment was not used by the leaders of the Jesus Movement just as godly discernment is not being used by today’s Christian leaders either.

How devious is Satan?

Have you ever considered what spiritual deception is? We should never underestimate Satan’s ability to dupe the world or the church. In fact, the Bible teaches that a counterfeit church will be prepared for a counterfeit “Christ” in the last days. This means that pastors and church leaders who once were strong Bible believers and teachers will be seduced and become pawns of the deceiver. This is what is called the Great Falling Away.

So, the question is this: are we living in the very days that the Bible predicts this will happen? Could it be that another spirit is preparing the way for another Christ, and another gospel is masquerading to prepare the way for the harlot?

This is a time to check your faith and test all that you believe with the Scriptures. Finally, remember the tree with the ravens in the branches. Bad roots can produce branches that are unproductive that may even be the nesting place for false teachers that come home to roost. Check out the roots of the tree that your faith is based upon.

One final thing! Please watch the following video clip of Skip Heitzig’s 2010 production called Riptide. Skip promotes Lonnie Frisbee and Kathyrn Kuhlman as if they were heroes of the faith. It also promotes “another Jesus movement.”

Is it possible that this proposed new Jesus Movement that is being created will partner with the Second Pentecost that is being promoted by the Roman Catholic Charismatic Movement? That would mean that this proposed another Jesus movement would be the equivalent of “Another Jesus” movement also called the Eucharistic Reign of Jesus.

Time will tell, won’t it?

1 2 Corinthians 11:4
2 Isaiah 14:14
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5 For one example in Scripture, see John 16:13

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