Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Jesuit Papacy Endgame: Slain/Risen Pope turned Antichrist/Man-Beast to Rule World

By Eric Jon Phelps

The Reformers were right! Every pope is an antichrist and the devil’s Roman papacy (later supercharged and fully Jesuitized by 1814) is the dynasty of the antichrist popes. What they missed was the scriptural truth that the final Roman Papal Caesar (Daniel 9:26-27) will be murdered and rise from the dead (Revelation 13:3-5), then to be the one-of-a-kind Antichrist/Man-Beast. These prophecies about this most powerful of Satan’s popes yet to come is the foundation of Satan’s foremost prophetic myth—of the slain and risen Horus possessed by Set/Satan then to rule the world from rebuilt Babylon city as the invincible Phoenix-King.

Presently, it is the Jesuit Papacy and its International White Power Structure, administering the Black Pope’s International Intelligence Community perfected during the pope’s Cold War Hoax (1945-1990), that rules the world from Rome. Indeed, Rome, sitting on seven hills/mountains (Revelation 17:9),“is that great city which reigneth over the kings of the earth” (Revelation 17:18).

When the last and final Roman Papal Caesar/“Pontifex Maximus” comes to power, one of his acts will be to confirm an existing international peace treaty/covenant for seven years (Daniel 9:26-27).

This covenant/treaty will be for the security of Jerusalem (Daniel 9:24, 27). Finally “peace and safety” will have arrived for Israel, the pope’s revived “Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem.” The world will rejoice, the Israeli-Arab conflict (secretly perpetuated by Rome since the pope’s inception of Israel in 1948) will have ended. The final pope will be a world hero—for 1260 days!

Towards the ending of the 1260 days (the first half of the 70th week of Daniel yet future) this final Roman Papal Caesar will undergo a change. This Seventh Roman Caesar-King (the first six kings being Caligula, Claudius, Nero, Vespasian, Titus and Domitian of the First century) will be slain. All the world will mourn! His death with a sword will be regarded as the greatest blow to “world peace” ever perpetrated; for it was this Man—this pope—who ended the conflict in Israel!

The slain Roman pope will lay in state for a few days, probably three days, ensuring the world will be informed of his death during the funeral at Vatican City. The heads of state will will all be in attendance. The Black Pope will be overseeing the drama, for he knows this pope is different. This pope, like the mythological Egyptian Horus, must live again! This pope, like the dying phoenix, must rise from his ashes, “reborn” to new life!

On the last day of the 1260-day false peace enjoyed by Jerusalem, the slain pope rises from the dead by the working of Satan. He will step out of his casket in view of all world leaders present at the funeral. Shock and awe will grip the globe as all nations behold this Man whose “deadly wound was healed” (Revelation 13:4). At this moment, Satan, along with his fallen angels, will have been cast out of heaven and confined to the earth (Revelation 12:9), he then to possess and indwell this Man— “the Beast” (Daniel 7:11; Revelation 13:3-10). Truly, this will be “a Kodak moment!”

The first act of the slain and risen pope—now the Antichrist/Man-Beast—will be to secure the subordination and service of his Ten Roman kings (Revelation 17:16-17). Without them, He will not fulfill his destiny. They are imperative in Satan’s quest of securing international worship of himself through this Man (Revelation 13:8). Seven of these kings will willingly give their allegiance to the Man-Beast; three will be forcefully submitted (Daniel 7:8, 20).

Having consolidated his power, the Ten Kings of the Man-Beast will then destroy Rome with Vatican City by fire (Revelation 17:16). A few well-placed, high-tech weapons will do the job and the world will again witness the unthinkable—the physical destruction of the most important city on earth for the last 2000 years! That incineration will include the coveted and priceless Vatican library along with Rome’s treasures in art and architecture. All the Roman gardens—gone!

The second epic act of this Man will be the killing of the Two Hebrew Prophets in Jerusalem (Revelation 11:3-12). These Two Witnesses—the returned Moses and Elijah having been with Christ at his transfiguration—will have finished their 1260-day ministry calling for Israel’s national repentance, but to no avail! The Antichrist’s murder of Moses and Elijah will render this White-Gentile, Roman Man-Beast invincible to the world. Indeed, the world shall cry:
“Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?”

The third epic event of this Man will be his breaking of the his seven-year, international peace treaty (Daniel 9:27) and his declaration of being “God Almighty” within the rebuilt Temple of Solomon! (II Thessalonians 2:4) This act begins the Great Tribulation as warned by the Lord Jesus Christ (Matthew 24:15). Ah, the dream of Satan’s Knights Templars, revived as the Society of Jesus/Society of Horus, will finally come true! The Man-Beast’s Hebrew False Prophet—on this very same day—erects a talking statue in the Jerusalem Temple, the False Hebrew Propohet demanding international worship of this “image of the beast” (Revelation 13:11-18). This statue is “the abomination of desolation” (Matthew 24:15)—the statue of the Man-Beast desolating the Hebrew Temple of God in Jerusalem (Revelation 11:1-2)!

The fourth bombastic act of the Satan-possessed Antichrist/Man-Beast will be his removal to the new world capital—the rebuilt City of Babylon! (Presently, the pope’s US military commanded by select Knights of Malta are conducting the war of urban renewal in Iraq while the pope’s gigantic construction companies—including CFR-Dick Cheney’s Haliburton now based in Dubai!—are rebuilding Babylon under guard by US forces! Yes, this is the foremost reason for the war in Iraq!) At this time Satan’s risen Horus will be known as “the Assyrian” and the “King of Babylon!” (Isaiah 10:5; 14:4) He will rule the world for “forty-two months” (Revelation 13:5; 12:6) during which the Lamb of God will judge the world with His Seal, Trumpet and Bowl judgments (Revelation 6-19).

The end will be the Second Coming of “the Word of God” (Revelation 19:13), He then to establish his world kingdom over all the kingdoms of the earth for one thousand years (Daniel 7:14; Revelation 20:4), and later, to continue forever in the new earth!

In conclusion, the Jesuit Papacy is the necessary tool by which the Risen Son of God will bring his infallible Word to pass. The risen pope turned Antichrist/Man-Beast (the Seventh Roman Caesar-King turned the Eighth King, yet is the same body of the Seventh King) will yet rule the world. Necessary to that rule are Eleven Men:
His Ten Roman Kings and His Hebrew False Prophet!

The shocking preview of these coming Twelve Men—the Antichrist/Man-Beast, His Ten Roman Kings and his Hebrew False Prophet—is depicted in the photo above standing atop of the Vatican! Rome’s open-but-false teaching is these twelve men are the twelve apostles; but the secret-but-true reality is these twelve statues are the Twelve Men yet to shake the world in fulfillment of Satan’s “Mystery of Iniquity!”


It has been kindly pointed out to your Editor that it appears I am approving of the Jesuit Order in its diabolical quest for world government under the pope of its making, slain and risen from the dead to be the Antichrist/Man-Beast. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Reformation Bible-believing Man of God of all nations is to resist evil—including treason, to expose the hidden things of darkness, to contend for the faith and watch for Satanic attack as the devil goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Thus, I will continue to resist and expose the Jesuit Order and its nefarious designs until the Lord takes me out of this world by translation, by expiration, or even by “extirpation.”

When I stated above that the Jesuit Papacy is the necessary tool by which the Risen Son of God will bring his infallible, written Word to pass, this statement was premised upon the doctrine of Almighty God the Father using evil men to bring His counsel to pass for His eternal glorification and praise! Such was the case of Joseph; for he was wickedly sold into slavery by his brothers but what they intended for evil, God worked and weaved for good (Genesis 50:20). Such was the case of Judas; though responsible for his sin of betraying the Son of God (Matthew 26:24), he was chosen by Christ Jesus for that very purpose (John 17:12). Such was the case of those Jews and Roman Gentiles who crucified Christ; though responsible for the murder (Acts 7:52), they voluntarily, without compunction or coercion, crucified the Son of God—His death by crucifixion having been determined by God the Father (Psalm 22:16; Acts 4:27-28) before the foundation of the world (Revelation 13:8). Yes, God determined the slaying of His beloved Son, but not the sin and crime that brought it to pass. These wicked men, whose spiritual father was the devil (I John 3:8-10) fulfilled the counsel of God—of their own choosing, of their own fallen will enslaved to sin.

God is not the author of sin; God forbid that any should charge Him with folly, namely, that he is the First Cause of all things—including sin. (This belief is a heresy of certain Calvinists, they preaching God ordained the Fall of Man, thereby rendering the mercy of God in Christ a mere divine stage play and an unspeakable mockery of fallen men.) But God takes all things that have ever, are now and will ever transpire—including the sinful works of Satan as well as the evil works of men—and weaves them to fulfill the determinate counsel of his will (Ephesians 1:11). By this principle, God is using Satan and his greatest, human Second Cause in the earth at present, to fulfill His counsel in bringing the Antichrist/Man-Beast to world power some day. For every sin each high Jesuit commits he will be held personally accountable; yet God, whose ways are past finding out, will work every sinful act to fulfill His eternal counsel, He making the wrath of man to ultimately praise Him (Psalm 76:10)!

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