Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pagan Roman Jesuit Papacy: Font of all Pornography and Sexual Perversion

Eric Jon Phelps' Vatican Assassins

Rome’s paramount preoccupation with sex is evident.  The Pope’s unabashed displays of the female Vagina and the male Penis are ubiquitous throughout Roman Catholic art.  But the ultimate sexual perversions of sodomy (homosexuality) and pedophilia (adults engaging in sex with children) are rampant, in fact, institutionalized within the priesthood and Roman Papal Hierarchy.  Let us forever abandon the nonsensical notion that Roman Catholicism is “Christian.”  The Papacy, since its foundation in 606 AD, is nothing more than the continuation of idolatrous, Mystery Religion having first originated in Babylon after the Great Flood.  And the glue holding the worshipers of Satan’s Mystery Babylon Religion is immoral sexual addiction practiced by the priests of Baal in service of that Antichrist in Rome—the White Pope overseen by the Black Pope and his High, Ten-Man, Jesuit Council representing Rome’s most powerful royal bloodline families.

For a most vivid 30-minute documentary, see this link.

                                  Phallic Symbols, St. Peter's Square, Rome

            San Damiano Crucifix, Erect Penis, Worshipped by St. Francis of Assisi

                                         Crucifix Bigallo Penis Highlighted

                      The Vatican's Millennia Secret Revealed and Reproved

Why would a supposed true Christian church keep non-Christian antithesis art on it's premise?  

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