Monday, July 5, 2010

Gulf of Mexico Oil Diaster: Another 911

Another brilliant article by Eric Jon Phelps.

 Excerpt :

What is the endgame of this sordid scenario? As it appears to your editor, the answer must be the Military Company of Jesus commanded by the Jesuit Superior General is now moving in for the kill, to “extirpate: all of us “heretic and liberal” peoples of the American Empire.  Our Southern-born, Protestant Presbyterian Constitution and Baptist-Calvinist Bill of Rights are now to be scrapped in favor of a White fascist, anti-Jew, military dictatorship.  Therefore, we can expect the situation to worsen with HAARP-induced tropical hurricanes and possibly a huge explosive detonation at the well-head in the attempt to “stop the flow.”  Whatever course of action pursued will justify radical emergency powers to be wielded by Rome’s “left-wing” Council on Foreign Relations / “right-wing” Council for National Policy agents ruling Washington.  There will be a monstrous evacuation ordered, as “Mass Evacuation” buses are visible on the highways in the South.  Most likely, the Empire’s over 600 concentration camps will be opened to receive all those having been first “relocated”—the exact same scenario the Pope’s Nazi-SS put upon the “Jews, heretics and liberals” of Europe.  Those first relocated to holding centers by bus will, in time, be sent to the camps by train.  But the end is not yet...

 Please, read the entire article here:

Gulf of Mexico Oil Diaster: Another 911 Overseen by Jesuit Agents; To What End?

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